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Our Parents 2 Parents bloggers represent a range of parenting experiences. Click to check out their blogs and join them as they share their experiences with the ups and downs of parenting. Be sure to share your own stories with them as they go through some of the same situations you have experienced!

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Marcia Arpin
I am a mother of two children, Ben 10 and Sydney 7.  To balance motherhood with my career in Early Childhood Education, I travel throughout the year presenting workshops at conferences, child care centers, and for parent groups. To continue to educate other parents and educators about the importance (and joy) of the first five years, I have written a series of activity books and maintain a website http://www.allthedaze.com as tools to communicate my passion for creativity, discovery learning and play.

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Helena Barkla
I am a former marketing professional turned stay-at-home mom. As such, I am developing expertise as an amateur housekeeper, social co-ordinator, chef, nurse, psychologist and chauffeur.  In my spare time, I love to read, spend time with friends and family, and blog (you can read more of my thoughts at mathairmom.blogspot.com). I live just outside Toronto with my wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

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Michael Elves
Michael Elves is the Program Director at the University of Manitoba campus/community station CJUM 101.5 in Winnipeg (www.umfm.com) Amongst other endeavors he is a freelance arts writer who maintains the blog http://eartothesound.blogspot.com, which has very little to do with being a dad and everything to do with being a music fiend.

He and his wife Michelle Klimczak are the proud parents of 2 year old Archer and newborn Callum. His biggest hope for Archer and Callum is that they will grow up as happy as they've been so far (though also becoming a big music and Minnesota Twins fans would be nice as well).

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Debbie Hoydalo-Madilaras
My name is Debbie and I’m a 37-year-old mother of 2 beautiful boys and wife to a wonderful husband, Manny. We live and work in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our immediate families, other than my Mom, all live in other cities around the globe. I am recently off maternity leave, working as a part time Property Manager. I am also working on a career change in real estate when time allows.   As you know, free time is few and far between when you have young children! I enjoy baking & cooking (the eating part too), reading, spending time with my family, and living a healthy lifestyle.  My two beautiful boys are Michael (age 3) and Peter (age 1).  Michael is a happy, energetic, inquisitive, high energy child and Peter is a happy, laid back and "takes-everything-in" kind of child. They are typical boys and complete opposites.  My hopes are to be able to share with other parents the experiences of having a high energy, strong-willed child.  Some days are super and we wouldn't trade anything in the world for them, but some days are down right exhausting!

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Melissa Wormington
I am a country girl who grew up in a hamlet of under 500 people. Today, I live in a slightly bigger town on Ontario’s West Coast. My husband and I are raising our 2 children here. My daughter starts grade 2 this year, and walks to school each day, something that as a parent, I find far scarier than it would be to put her on a bus every day. Our son has one year left before he starts full day Early Learning Kindergarten. This fall he will join our town's Municipal Daycare, a first for us as my kids have always went to a home daycare provider, who will be off with her third baby this fall. My husband and I both work outside the home; I am a Family Support and Education Worker for a not-for-profit organization serving families within our rural county, and he is an Automotive Service Technician and a Captain on our Volunteer Fire Dept. Join us as we wade through the trenches of parenting two young children!


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