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Sleep Strategies for New Parents

by Maxine
Posted August 19 2010 11:57am
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When you’re a new parent, sleep is at a premium. Taking care of your newborn is a round-the-clock job that completely ignores the routines you might have had before. Every baby is unique, but lack of sleep and exhaustion is one of the common complaints of new parents.

There is a good reason to worry about losing sleep. Research shows that, after 24 hours of poor sleep, people tend to become more short-tempered, think less clearly, have more difficulty making good decisions and feel a constant lack of energy. Lack of sleep has also been linked to postpartum depression for both parents.

Perhaps most importantly, your mental and physical state affects how you relate to your partner and to your baby. It's hard to enjoy your latest addition if you are hardly able to keep your eyes open.

Our experts have put together some sleep strategies to help you and your partner get more rest after your baby is born.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. Although this does not always work for parents, you may want to consider letting that chore go that you were going to do when baby fell asleep and instead—get some rest yourself.

Take turns. While Dad is bathing baby, Mom can take a nap and vice versa.

Simplify your daily routines. Try to reduce your chores.

Ask your doctor about magnesium and calcium supplements. Both of these are associated with healthy sleep.
Use sleep aids to help you go to sleep faster:
Use some of your comfort measures or other techniques to help you relax and sleep. A few suggestions follow:

  • Drink warm milk.
  • Take herbal remedies—check with your doctor, midwife or pharmacist about using these, particularly if Mom is breastfeeding.
  • Try relaxation techniques.
  • Play soft music.
  • Darken the room if it’s daytime or wear a sleep mask.

Ask for help. Have friends and relatives help out. They can do some of your chores (shopping, cleaning, picking up dry cleaning, etc.) or watch your baby while you get a power nap.

Reduce your intake of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and many people need to reduce or eliminate it to get a good sleep.


How did you get enough sleep when your baby was born? Or did you? Leave a comment below and share your experience with other parents.

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