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Sexual Activities Without Intercourse in Pregnancy

by Maxine
Posted August 1 2010 07:29pm
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Intimacy is more than intercourse. For any woman who is feeling too uncomfortable or not interested in intercourse, or the doctor has put it off limits, there are other ways to experience loving feelings and sexual pleasure.

  • Try sharing a warm bath, a gentle massage, caresses and hugging. This allows you to stay physically connected.
  • If it is not against your cultural or personal preferences, couples can engage in solitary and mutual masturbation as an alternative to penile-vaginal intercourse.
  • If it is not against your cultural or personal preferences, oral sex (sometimes called "cunnilingus" pronounced cun-ee-ling-gus and "fellatio" prounouced fell-a-shee-o) is an option. However, if you proceed with this, mind the following qualifications:
      • It can be dangerous to blow air into the vagina, particularly during the last few weeks of pregnancy when the cervix may be slightly open. This can cause what doctors call an "air embolism" (pronounced ehm-bowl-ism). Air is forced between the uterine wall and the fetal membranes, and then enters the maternal cardiovascular system through the placenta. 
      • Additionally, when engaging in oral sex during pregnancy, the male partner should use a dental dam as recommended in the section safe sex during pregnancy.
  • You also might want to use this time to explore some new ways of demonstrating your love for each other. Try new things and experiment. One of the most important ingredients is to talk with each other. You need to tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t. If at any time there is discomfort, it is important to stop the activity.

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