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Temperament Trait Strategies: Regularity

by Maxine
Posted July 30 2010 04:54pm
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Regularity : On The Temperament Wheel, is your child high or low? 

Low Regularity – this child is hard to predict.  It's difficult to tell when they're hungry or tired.


  • allow your baby to graze and eat frequently throughout the day, instead of eating main meals. Being forced to eat at set times can become an area for conflict for this type of child.  This level of flexibility will help your child learn that eating time is a happy time for his family.


  • at nighttime, allow your child to play by herself until she falls asleep. Some nights, she will fall asleep right away. Other nights, she will stay awake quite a while before falling asleep.  This will help her learn to entertain herself at the end of your long day.


  • keep your child in a regular bedtime routine. Even though he won't necessarily sleep at the end of the routine, it will help both of you have a regular end to your day.  This will help your child learn that nightime is for putting himself to sleep


High Regularity these children seem to have internal clocks that keep them on a predictable schedule, and they don't like to deviate!


  • Comfort your baby when she's off her regular schedule.  This will help her to know you understand her—even if you can't make the world more regular for her.


  • Use play to deviate from your baby's regular schedule—even if it's just a few minutes at first. Gradually lengthen the delays or changes in his schedule.  This will help your child learn to survive—and even like—more spontaneity in his life.


  • Put plans in place to help your baby de-stress if her schedule is thrown off. Carry a bag full of distractions in the car, such as food, favourite CDs or toys.  Eventually your child may learn how to de-stress himself on occasions when this happens.


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