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Temperament Trait Strategies: Persistence

by Maxine
Posted July 30 2010 04:48pm
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Persistence : On The Temperament Wheel, is your child high or low? 

Low Persistence – this child gives up easily in face of failure.


  • Stay close and offer encouragement when you see your child wanting to give up too early on a task.  This will help her learn to persist a bit longer than if left on her own.


  • Prepare some play activities that are only slightly challenging. This will allow him to experience success, and feel good about the success that comes after what he feels is a lot of persistence.


  • Break most of his tasks into small, manageable pieces. This will keep him from feeling overwhelmed by the size of the job, and to experience success.


High Persistence – these children continue to do what they want—even when they're faced with obstacles.


  • Show that you understand your child's desire to persist—even if you must stop him from what he is doing.  This helps your child feel loved—even if he's keenly disappointed that he has to stop.


  • Encourage some variety in your child's play—even if she seems to only enjoy one thing.  This will help your child become a more well-rounded child.


  • Provide firm, clear and consistent limits when she continues to do something that is not good for her. Highly persistent babies need more of this kind of direction than other babies.  This helps your child learn what is acceptable without huge power struggles.


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