7 to 9 Months

The second half of the first year shows some remarkable new abilities. At this stage you will notice your baby will begin to:
  • Move either by crawling, bum shuffling, or pivoting on the tummy.
  • Use her first and second fingers with her thumb – even feed herself a cracker.
  • Copy actions he sees others do, such as waving bye-bye.
  • Clearly attach herself to familiar caregivers and want to stay close.
  • Show intention when exploring objects to understand what they do or sounds they make.
Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:
Baby: Overview

7 to 9 months

By now, your baby can make some gestures to show what he wants, such as raising his arms when he wants to be lifted. He also likes to make things happen, such as shaking an object to make a noise. He can also move a toy from hand to mouth, and bang a spoon placed in his hand. And about now he's probably responding to his name, looking up at you when you say it. He coos, chuckles, gurgles and makes some consonant and vowel sounds. He can probably stay alert for about two hours at a time.


Things to Remember about Infancy
Even when you seem to be pulled in many directions at once, it's important to make time for your baby. If you have a partner, try to work it out so that you take turns with chores and with spending time for the baby. Housework isn't the highest priority. Build a network of friends, relatives and neighbours - we can all use a bit of help.

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