2 Months

As your baby enters his second month, he will gain new skills right before your eyes. At this stage you will notice that your baby is beginning to:

  • Turn his head to both sides.
  • Follow objects and people with his eyes.
  • Smile when others talk to him and smile at him.
  • Show excitement or delight with small throaty sounds.
  • Recognize familiar voices and people.


Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:

Baby: Overview

2 Months

Newborns go through a cycle of sleeping, eating, crying and being alert. Many sleep 18 out of 24 hours, but it's often in short periods, and usually during the day more than the night. You'll have to help him learn the difference between night and day, such as by darkening the room and keeping things quiet at night. During the first few weeks, many parents feed "on demand" (whenever the baby seems hungry), but by about three months you can begin to establish a routine.


Things to Remember about Infancy
You can't spoil a baby by responding to her needs. Babies are born with a need for human contact. And in the process, you're learning more about her, and she's learning more about you - in particular, that she can count on you.

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