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Do you Dare to be Creative?

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After years of believing that creativity is genetic - a birth right for some and not for others – I have learned that creativity is actually a skill that is developed. Creativity, in fact, is a type of intelligence that allows us to take risks, see things in a different perspective, and recognize the potential in an idea. For some they have learned to be “book smart” while others rely on their knowledge of numbers to succeed, I have always had my creativity. I hope to challenge your ability to take risks, see things in a different perspective and recognize the potential of your personal creativity.

Each day can be as grand as producing a world renowned masterpiece, or as mundane as knowing how to solve a routine problem. Everyone has the potential to create masterpieces and anyone can discover their hidden creativity to solve problems. We all have the ability to generate ideas and be creative. Often we are not aware of our potential because our environment does not encourage our individuality or ability to take risks.

“Creativity is the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new, whether a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form.”

Today, revitalize your creative talents. Be yourself. Be who you are. Be honest and express what you believe. Commit to helping yourself in the most unexpectedly wonderful ways: perhaps discover a new idea, play with puppets, go sledding or renew a commitment to self-care.

To commit to developing your creativity skills and start by purchasing a Journal. Use a journal to jot down the meandering thoughts of your mind. Write, draw, doodle, and paste collages together. Stuck between your great ideas are random thoughts, mental notes, and menial observations. Use your journal as a place to deposit these thoughts, keeping your creative mental workspace clear.

Time is precious to everyone! Keep journaling simple and think of how to incorporate it into your daily routine. Use your refrigerator to keep track of your daily events. Post one thing daily that brings a smile to your face (a note, photo, email, or movie ticket) and then each Saturday take time to paste these keepsakes into a blank journal. Empty your fridge and start fresh every Sunday. Finding a small bit of time each day to feed this force will not only reward you with increased creativity, but also an expanded sense of appreciation and gratitude for the creative process.

The list below highlights several simple yet powerful actions you can take to spark your creative energy from the inside out. These actions have no right or wrong way to complete them. It is the ritual and process of completing the task that provides the opportunity for learning, not the final product or result.

Take time to repeat the idea listed below often, and perhaps in a variety of ways before you give up on it entirely. By incorporating a creative ritual in your life, you will increase your innovation and creativity in ways that will surprise and delight you.

Try and feel your creativity grow!

Be comfortable. Be aware of your surroundings. Find the scents, sensations and sounds that give you comfort. Take time today and every day to appreciate those things or people that give you a sense of routine and security. Surround yourself with things that awe and inspire you, projects you’re most proud of, and photos of people who support and encourage you.

Write down 3 things or people that inspire you. What are the projects you are most proud of? List three people that support and encourage you. Be uncomfortable. Take risks. Explore. Take interest in new ideas. Ask "why not" and "what if". Challenge others.

Have an open mind. Observe. Listen. See the wonder of the world around you. Be open to the possibilities of just about anything. Stop in you tracks. Find ways to incorporate reflection into your daily routine, noting how experiences and interactions help you grow as a person.

Reflect on the following questions. What inspires you and what blocks you? What attracts you and what doesn’t?

Communicate your ideas! Shout out your passion from a soapbox or podium. Print, type, text, email, or talk to others – deliver your message on a cell phone or even use a phone with a cord, dial and redial until your message is communicated completely. Publish your ideas in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, blogs, or anywhere in cyberspace. Get noticed. Be noticed. Stand for something. Believe in something. Express yourself. Fill a blank page with personal expression, random ramblings and daily observations. Jot down the meandering thoughts of your mind. Write, draw, doodle, photograph and paste collages together.

Transform. See more options in every situation that confronts us. Find solutions to problems that interfere in our personal success. Remember your dreams. Try new things and say “yes” to opportunities to express more of yourself. Be productive, exciting and fulfill your personal goals. What are your personal goals? Are you productive? Are you exciting?

Make things Easier for yourself. Not everything needs to be difficult. No one today will be testing you, marking you on your grammar and spelling doesn’t count.

Cherish everything. Make things last. Hold on to ideas that inspire you. Invest in your friendships and relationships. Make promises and keep promises to yourself and others.

Captivate an audience! Sing. Dance. Be silly. Be adventurous. Laugh. Have fun! Share your passions and interests. Share what excites you: your successes, your frustrations, your craziest schemes.

Define yourself. Know who you are at your core. Develop your personal philosophy. Make your work matter. Be an advocate for young children. Work in partnerships. Have pride of your profession. Inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Be a role model.

I remember many things taught to me in my childhood, but the one pearl of wisdom I remember the most came from Bill Cosby after another Saturday morning episode of Fat Albert, he said, “Just remember one thing – it all starts up here”. Listening to his reassuring voice I knew he was talking to me. I was in control of who I am, and who I wanted to be, if I dared to be a little different from others, if I dared to be creative. Of course, like Fat Albert, I always enjoyed hanging out with some great friends along the way. I am glad to share today with you, and wish you the best today has to offer.

© 2010 Marcia Arpin, All the DAZE Productions. www.allthedaze.com

Marcia Arpin continues to write and illustrate several articles for newsletters,newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites each month. Do you need Marcia's great ideas to enhance you publication? Email her today: allthedaze@gmail.com.

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