4 to 5 Years

The fifth year of your child’s life signals the end of early childhood. As she prepares to enter a new world of school and friends, she will begin to:

  • Start running, then stop and change direction smoothly.
  • Draw a person with head, arms, legs and trunk.
  • Begin to grasp the concept of sharing.
  • Use pretend play to gain control of frustrating and frightening experiences.
  • Tell long stories about her own experiences.

Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:


Preschool: Overview

4 to 5 Years

A four-year-old can speak in complete sentences and describe what he recently did. As you'll have noticed, he asks lots of questions, especially "why?" He's more interested in stories, for longer periods of time, and can now anticipate - that is, he can tell you what he thinks will happen next. He is also realizing what past, present and future mean. He knows a song or two, and can name most basic colours.


Things to Remember about the Preschool Years

Encourage your child to try new things. But don't push a child beyond his limits. An activity may seem very ordinary and easy to you, but your child may not be ready for it. Listen to your child, especially when he's scared. Don't force him into an activity because you want to do it, or because you see other children doing it.

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