25 to 30 Months

As she starts into her third year, you will notice some dramatic achievements. For example, your toddler will start to:
  • Walk upstairs and downstairs alone, with both feet on one step.
  • Scribble, clutching the crayon in her whole hand.
  • Show she can be attached to a cuddly or favourite toy.
  • Express feelings through language and pretend play.
  • Better understand the similarities and differences of shapes and sizes.
Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:
Toddler: Overview

25 to 30 Months

Your child is using approximately 50 different words and can name most everyday objects. He can use two-word sentences, like "more milk" or "pretty bird." An adult should be able to understand your child's talking about half the time by now.


Things to Remember about the Toddler Years
Children respond much better to limits when they feel loved and noticed as part of a warm, caring relationship. Try giving directions in a positive way, such as "Please close the door quietly" instead of "Don't slam the door". Notice and praise good behaviour. This can build your child's self-esteem and reduce her need to battle with you all the time.

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