19 to 24 Months

Your toddler is entering a new and exciting stage of life. In this first stage, he will start to:
  • Kick a ball
  • Take off shoes, socks and hats
  • Show ownership or possession of objects.
  • Show fear, but is able to be settled down
  • Use two word sentences such as 'More juice'


Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:

Toddler: Overview

Eighteen months to two years

In the toddler stage, you face the challenge of living with a child who is trying to be independent but is still a bit scared of it all. As a result, there are sudden shifts in emotions, and tantrums. "No" seems to be your child's favourite answer. He wants help, but he doesn't want it. He can be clinging and afraid you'll abandon him, but the next minute may want nothing to do with you. You need lots of patience, and your child needs lots of praise and encouragement as he tries to do things for himself. And toddlers learn by doing. There's no "good" or "bad" about it - they just want to try new things, so make sure your child is supervised.


Things to Remember about the Toddler Years
It's time to start setting some limits beyond safety when your child is a toddler. You and your child's primary caregivers should agree on what they are, so you can be consistent. They should make sense and really matter. A few rules like "no hurting others", "be gentle", should be set. If you have too many limits, or they become too trivial, everyone will get frustrated. Let your child know what the expectations and limits are, and stick to them. Be firm - and consistent. And it's a good idea to remind your child of the expectations and limits before beginning a new activity or going out somewhere.

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