10 to 12 Months

The last months of your baby’s first year are a time full of wonderful new accomplishments. Your baby will start to demonstrate more predictable skills. He will start to: 

  • Walk while holding onto furniture.
  • Pinch fingers neatly to pick up the smallest items.
  • Repeat sounds or gestures if laughed at.
  • Display affection with hugs, kisses and pats.
  • Understand simple sentences and requests like ‘Where’s your shoe?’
Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:
Baby: Overview

10 to 12 months

At about a year old, your baby will be actively learning about what's around her, with fearlessness and curiosity. She will be walking alone any time now, and can grasp objects with thumb and forefinger. She'll be really focussed on you, and will want to keep you in sight as she explores. The more a caregiver is available to a child, providing a relationship she can count on, the more it promotes forming a secure attachment. She learns to function independently, because she feels confident and safe.As she tries to become independent, she needs to be allowed to feed herself and help with dressing, such as by putting her arms up. She learns by doing things over and over, and will like the same stories and games repeated. You'll notice that she's also a great imitator of adult behaviour - she likes to "perform."


Things to Remember about Infancy
Babies experience relationships through their senses, so lots of talking, cuddling and eye contact are the way to tell your child you love her. It's not humanly possible to always be there when she wants a hug, but do notice when she's "asking" for one and do your best to deliver. You can't spoil a baby by meeting her needs.


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