3 Months

Your baby will start to demonstrate more predictable skills. He will start to:

  • Hold his head up with more control.
  • Play with his hands by clasping them and bringing them to his mouth.
  • Stop sucking so that he can hear sounds.
  • Use his voice in response to adult talk and smiles.
  • Coo with open (‘aaaah’) and closed (‘eee’) vowel sounds.

Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:

Baby: Overview

3 months

By three months, your baby should be a little more predictable for eating and sleeping times. She'll also have longer periods of being alert, and will be more interested in what's around her. She'll be good at eye contact with you and will smile at people more.
Things to Remember about Infancy
Learning to "read" your baby is often fun and can seem easy. You smile, he smiles. He reaches out, you take his hand. But it can also be hard. For example, if he turns his head away when you speak, it feels awful, like rejection. But he's just telling you he is overtired or overstimulated. Or perhaps because he is very sensitive to noise, he may be telling you he needs your voice to be softer - or just to leave him alone for the moment. It will take some trial and error to figure out what your baby is trying to tell you, so don't be discouraged.

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