1 Month

What an exciting time! You and your baby are discovering each other, and your child is discovering the world.

Welcome to the first month of your baby’s life. Some amazing things are set to happen. For example, you’ll notice your baby will begin to:

  • Stare at colourful objects. Study your face when you smile.
  • Respond positively to comfort and soothing.
  • Cry to tell you she’s hungry or uncomfortable.
  • Enjoy being talked to and respond with her own special happy dance – on her back, waving her arms and legs.


Learn about the Development Milestones for this stage:

Baby: Overview

1 Month

What an exciting time! You and your baby are discovering each other, and your child is discovering the world. Your newborn is dependent on you for everything, but has more capacities and abilities than you'd think. The best way to learn about your baby is to spend lots of time with him. You'll learn about his temperament, about how sensitive he is to touch, sounds and sights, about what upsets him. Each child is unique and requires different care.


Things to Remember about Infancy
Long before your child can talk, he is trying to tell you things by sending you cues about what he needs, wants and feels Babies are learning language before they begin to speak. Even when he's only a few months old, your baby will be testing different types of cries, gurgles, facial expressions and so on to see how you and the other people around him respond. He'll learn to repeat the types of cries and movements that produce the results he wants. Learning how effective he is at "making things happen" helps him to develop self-esteem and a willingness to try new things. When your baby makes sounds, repeat them and add to them.

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