Congratulations your baby has arrived! You have now entered a new chapter of your life – your new family!



All About Baby

Immediately after your baby emerges from the birth canal, they must make the transition to life outside the womb. Some health care providers call this the fourth trimester as your baby adapts to life in the first month following their birth. Now they begin to develop in other ways - socially, emotionally, intellectually and in their fine motor and gross motor function. They require you for their most basic needs - feeding, dressing, changing their position etc.  As baby adjusts to life there are certain red flags that parents need to act on.

All about you, Mom

Pregnancy is over - You are a Mom! The first 6 weeks are considered a time of recovery for mom your body needs to recover from labour and return to its non-pregnant state. Mom may experience a range of emotions following birth and in the weeks and months after. Postpartum mood disorders can be common and mom’s partner, family and friends need to be aware of the signs that point to a problem developing. Maintaining healthy eating and postnatal exercise is important for recovery and for dealing with the stresses of adjusting to parenthood.

All about you, Dad/Partner

You are a Dad! You’ve survived the labor and birth experience and now your baby is home. Just like Mom you will need to recover mentally from the birth experience. You too may have different emotions and reactions postnatally and, yes, mood disorders including depression can affect Dads as well as moms. Learn about the signs and symptoms of the different mood reactions as be sure to talk to your partner and your health care provider.

All about you, the Couple: Couple Relationship

You are truly parents now! The first weeks and month are times of adjustment for all of you! You are learning all kinds of new skills, in awe of the changes in your child almost every week. Making time for you as a couple will take dedication and commitment. But hopefully you have talked about all of these things through your pregnancy and have a plan. Find ways to connect – to support one another – to talk with one another about all that is going on for you.

All about you, the Couple: Parenting

Comfort, Play & Teach is a wonderful easy-to-understand framework that helps new parents leverage the everyday activities they are doing with their children already. You will be initiating many new routines – we believe that if you knew that adding comfort, and play and teach elements would ultimately impact the social, emotional and intellectual outcomes fro your child – that you would find ways to incorporate these. There are some Comfort, Play & Teach Everyday Moment Cards that will start you off.

Now that you're baby has arrived, visit A Parent's World for strategies, resources, worksheets, videos and more!

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