Intellectual Development: Your Pre-schooler at 3 to 4 Years

Intellectual Development means being able to think creatively and abstractly, to pay attention, solve problems and develop keen judgement along with a lifelong readiness to learn.

Typical Skills - Language

  • Enjoys books, simple songs, nursery rhymes, nonsense words and stories
  • Uses a vocabulary of about 900 words
  • Uses sentences with five words
  • Uses plurals and pronouns, e.g., ‘I, you and me’
  • Understands position words, such as ‘in’, ‘out’, ‘behind’, ‘in front of’

Typical Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Enjoys dramatic play and role playing; play is becoming more realistic, e.g., school, fire station, shop
  • Classifies objects by purpose, e.g., ‘to play with’, ‘to wear’
  • Understands the order of daily routines
  • Sorts objects by colour and size
  • Counts objects

Emerging Skills - Language

  • Asks and answers ‘who, what, where, why, when, how’ questions
  • Can follow a three-part command
  • Recognizes some letters and words
  • Uses regular past tense forms, but may add ‘ed’ to some words (e.g., eat-ed)
  • Understands “It’s time to”

Emerging Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Sorts and classifies objects by characteristics
  • Understands ideas like opposites
  • Understands different forms of measurement, such as weight, height and length
  • Attaches words to numbers, for example, when you say the word ‘three’, it means three things
  • Understands time intervals better, e.g., today, tomorrow, yesterday

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