Intellectual Development: Your Toddler at 19 to 24 Months

Intellectual Development means being able to think creatively and abstractly, to pay attention, solve problems and develop keen judgement along with a lifelong readiness to learn.

Typical Skills - Language

  • Uses two word sentences, e.g., “more juice” or “want cookie”
  • Asks for help using words or actions
  • Jabbers in run-on flow of words while talking to stuffed animals or self
  • Names some pictures in a book
  • Imitates new words and phrases, e.g., “Go bye-bye” and “Mommy’s car”

Typical Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Understands how familiar objects are used, e.g., spoon for eating, cup for drinking, ball for throwing, hammer for banging, etc.
  • Understands the passing of time and the meaning of “not now” and “when we go home”
  • Recognizes and names familiar people in photos
  • Busy mastering existing skills which leads to the emergence of new ones
  • Shows increased memory for details and routines, e.g., says “hot” when reaching for a coffee cup; holds up seat belt in car seat to indicate it needs to be secured; remembers where objects go

Emerging Skills - Language

  • Sings simple songs with correct words and actions
  • Is more articulate; many more words are understood by others outside the family
  • Starts to use plurals
  • Uses past tense
  • Imitates spontaneously or requests new words

Emerging Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Explores one-to-one correspondence
  • Has a sense of more than one
  • Has intense curiosity to investigate any new person, object or sound
  • Understands two-part requests, e.g., “Go to the shelf and bring over the blocks”

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