Intellectual Development: Your Baby at 10 to 12 Months

Intellectual Development means being able to think creatively and abstractly, to pay attention, solve problems and develop keen judgement along with a lifelong readiness to learn.

Typical Skills - Language

  • Understands simple sentences, questions and requests, for example, ‘Give the book to me,’ ‘Find your ball’, ‘Where’s your shoe?’
  • Learns words and appropriate gestures like saying ‘no’ and shaking his head, saying ‘bye-bye’ and waving, also exclamations such as ‘oh-oh!’
  • Starts to anticipate when a surprise happens in a song
  • Takes turns making sounds with you

Typical Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Searches for object if he knows it is hidden, e.g., lifts inverted cup, looks in box for toy or unwraps toy
  • Tries out new actions for same goal; modifies old ones through trial and error
  • Associates actions and sounds with things for example, meows for kitten, points up when he sees a bird
  • Is aware of his own actions and some of their implications; compares same action done with both sides of his body
  • Develops stronger memory skills

Emerging Skills - Language

  • Responds to simple verbal requests
  • Uses expressive vocabulary, 2-8 words, like ‘no’, ‘baby’, ‘bye-bye’, ‘hi’ and words that imitate sounds of objects, i.e., bow wow
  • Uses a single word to express a whole thought
  • May not talk as much while mastering walking

Emerging Skills - Thinking Skills

  • Enjoys looking at pictures in books
  • Points to correct parts of the body when asked where they are
  • Knows that smaller objects fit in larger ones
  • Searches for hidden object, whether he remembers it was hidden or he hasn’t seen it hidden
  • Able to match shapes, e.g., places a cylindrical object in a matching hole in a container
  • Repeats an action that gets a reaction, such as knocking over blocks

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